Did you know that there are only two factors that cause people to have problems with their teeth or to lose them prematurely?  Old age isn’t one of them.

    The two causes are Bacteria and Stresses.  If the bacterial or stress levels in your mouth are too high, your teeth are at risk until the problem is brought under control.

        That’s where we come in.  We understand that your teeth are only one part of a greater system.  This system also includes the lips, tongue, muscles of the face and neck, jaw joints, gums, bones, and nerves.  When all of these components are healthy and support each other, like the members of a team - that’s Dental Fitness!  When a lack of harmony exists among any of these parts, it creates stress on other elements of the system.

        Our proactive approach to dental care involves consideration of each of these components.  This makes diagnosis and treatment much more complete and predictable.

    Call our office if you are new to our area or looking for a new dentist.  Working together, we can get your smile off the couch and bring it to a whole new level of Dental Fitness!

A Simple New Approach To Dental Care

New patients are always welcome!

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