Diligently serving our patients and each other while providing a seamless process of comprehensive dental care which will result in the dental fitness and personal enrichment of our friends and associates.

Vision Statement
  1. We will treat all patients with dignity and respect.  We take the care of our patients as a serious trust.  We understand that they come to our office (or not) by choice and so we must earn their trust every day.

  2. We are committed to doing our best.

  3. We seek first to understand, and then to be understood.

  4. All decisions that we make for ourselves, our co-workers and our patients will be congruent with our Vision Statement.

  5. We respect the value of the contribution from each individual on our team.  Each and every job is essential to our success.

  6. We are committed to working together as a team, relying on the strengths and sensitive to the weaknesses of each member.

  7. We will communicate openly and honestly with each other and with our patients.

  8. We will continue to look for ways to refine our skills, our systems and our care.

  9. We begin each task with the understanding that it is an important part of our overall mission.  We won’t spend our time with meaningless activities which don’t support our vision.

  10. We will make every effort to build a professional relationship with our patients.  We will develop an appreciation for their physical and emotional needs, as well as their dental ones.

  11. We will strive to make our patients’ dental visits as pleasurable as possible.

  12. We are committed to gather the information necessary to make a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan.  In doing so, we will offer the best care possible which is in keeping with both the patient’s needs and desires, and sound clinical practice.

  13. We will use only the best dental materials, laboratories and techniques for our patients.

  14. We will do our best to provide our patients with a schedule that can be relied on for its timeliness.

  15. We are committed to housekeeping standards that ensure a safe treatment environment for our patients as well as a clean, safe workplace for our staff.

  16. We work to ensure the economic well-being and quality of life for all team members and their families.

  17. We are committed to helping each other become successful.

  18. We will offer and receive constructive criticism/feedback as it relates to our office activities as a means to continuously improve our services.

Guiding Principles

(813) 908-2444.  Enlow & Vance Dental Partners, 16654 North Dale Mabry Highway, Tampa, Florida 33618