Elder Care Dentistry and the Signals of Dental Need

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Signals of Dental Need

Until the elderly patient receives a comprehensive dental exam it may difficult to judge their oral health needs.  The following warning signs may be symptoms of important dental needs.

Please know that these symptoms may very well be connected to nutritional and medical problems.

Poor Oral Hygiene
Dry Mouth
Poorly Fitting Partial or Denture
Avoidance of Foods
Mouth Sores
Missing Teeth
Painful or Broken Teeth
Irritated Behavior at Meal Time
Skipping Meals or Eating Poorly

Any of the above signals of dental need may easily result in inadequate nutrition that can lead to or contribute to a host of systemic problems.  The loss of energy from poor nutrition can begin a downward health spiral that becomes more difficult to recover from as patients weaken and age.

Our knowledge and experience allow us the ability to focus clearly on the elderly patient.


It is our goal to help our patients have the ability to eat well in order to positively impact their entire health.  A meal should be enjoyed.

Partner with us to ensure your dental fitness.